Matter Matters or What Makes the World Go Around?

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Scientific Paper
Title Matter Matters or What Makes the World Go Around?
Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords Matter, Unified, Theory, One, Reality, Gravity, Mass, Object, Law, Science, Paraadigm, Award, thousand, dollars, [[]]
Published 2010
Journal None


This paper and concomitant presentation after defining mass, gravity and light explore the gravity reality in detail as well as the relationship of mass gravity and light to the paradigm of reality as there is But ONE Reality in here and out there. A helpful tool in quest of reality is purging of erroneous knowledge especially if it originated from such icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and even Einstein and such icons of religion as Popes and High Priests. More specifically it includes two minor corrections to Newton's first law of motion and two minor corrections to Einstein's SRT. Cause and effect confusion between gravity and motion is obviate as gravity does not make the world go around but world going around makes gravity. Motion of the universe is the cause and gravity is the effect. Time permitting some of the following topics may be covered.

  1. The Power of URL (Universal Relationships Law) to explain mass and motion relationships
  2. How and why zero, one and Infinity equal each other and their reciprocals
  3. 3D or No D; 3T or No T and 3M or No M
  4. Triple channel Equivalence and interchangeability of Interventional, Environmental and Virtual channels
  5. Five Way Miracle of Light (Seeing) and Five way Miracle of Life (Extropy or Opposite of Entropy what Schr?dinger called Negentropy)
  6. Corrections to Constants of Nature
  7. How GPS does not vindicate Einstein's Theory of Relativity as it works not because of science but in spite of science
  8. Second Law of Thermodynamics and the myth of closed systems