Matter and Mass (according to Hypothesis on MATTER)

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Scientific Paper
Title Matter and Mass (according to Hypothesis on MATTER)
Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords matter, mass, force, inertial mass, gravitational mass, universal medium, mass defect, photon, biton
Published 2011
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 7


Matter is the only substance that can provide objective existence in space and physical reality to an entity. All real entities are made of matter. Due to lack of a reference, we have no measuring scale to determine matter content of a real object. We had been using one of the attributes of matter, mass, to represent matter content of real objects. Mass, used for this purpose, is itself is often bifurcated into inertial mass, gravitational mass, etc. Inertial mass is the measure of inertia, a property attributed to real matter bodies. Gravitational mass is derived from magnitude of gravitational attraction, experienced by a matter body. However, importance accorded to mass (in place of matter content of a body) caused matter to be regarded as an unnecessary entity even for existence of real bodies. This encouraged developments of exotic theories and mysterious particles. Devising a logical measurement scale can help restore glory to matter, rightly due to it, as the only substance that can provide existence to all real objects.