Microscopic Processes in Electrodynamic Phenomena

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Scientific Paper
Title Microscopic Processes in Electrodynamic Phenomena
Author(s) Ionel Dinu
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Published 2007
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 21


The consequences of the hypothesis that the charges flowing in a wire and constituting the electric current drag the aether that exists outside and permeates the inside of the wire have been examined with the methods of mathematical physics. The satisfactory confirmation of Ampere's law shows that the origin of the force of interaction between current-carrying conductors, and of the magnetic force in general, is to be ascribed to the state of motion of the aether and to the variation of the static and dynamic pressures that this motion generates. The validity of the principles of this theory is also demonstrated by calculations that reveal new terms contributing to the force between current-carrying conductors. These supplementary terms correspond to the behavior of matter in a magnetic field and are missing in the original works of Ampere. This raises questions about the extent to which Ampere's law was actually derived from experiments at the time of its enunciation. The results obtained herein find appropriate the substitution of the notion of magnetic field with that of aether field. Formulated conversely, the present theory shows how Ampere's effect can be considered a confirmation of the fact that vacuum is filled with aether in a state of static pressure, the magnetic effects arising from aether movement brought about, among others, by the movement of electric charges.