Modern Physics (A Poem)

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Scientific Paper
Title Modern Physics (A Poem)
Author(s) Dan Wagner
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Published 2009
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Two pillars of our modern world of physics we are told
Cannot be reconciled without something very bold ! But stretch and pull with strings and chance and many more dimensions
And all we get is further in our quagmire of convention.

Could it be that one is wrong or maybe even both !
Tape your mouth and close your eyes you 'heretickle' quack !

But let me say just one more thing I think I have a knack
For seeing things that make no sense regardless of their status.

Quantum probability and Einstein's simultaneity I fear are both at fault.
Change these two and what a lovely marriage will be wrought.

Mistaken wavelength measurements may also give a clue.
De Broglie issues will fade away 'cause Lorentz's viewpoint is true !

Written June 28, 2009 (please accept poetic license for some words)