New Concepts of Origins: With White Fire Laden

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New Concepts of Origins: With White Fire Laden
Author Alexander A Scarborough
Published 1986
Publisher Ander Publications
Pages 164
ISBN 0930258037

New Concepts, Soundly Based, To Challenge The Mind:

  1. How the energy crisis was undermined by the Energy Fuels Theory.
  2. The formation and fiery evolution of planets, moons, comets, solar systems.
  3. Dinosaurs:  the internal cause of their extinction.
  4. How Earth's nuclear energy core creates matter.
  5. Earthquakes:  why they happen anywhere, anytime.
  6. Energy - matter:  creation and transformation (E=mc2).
  7. Abiological origin of fuels - gas, oil, coal - not from fossils!
  8. The Geometric Birth of our Solar System:  explained with the Six Solar System Diagrams.

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