New Horizons in Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Field Theory

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New Horizons in Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Field Theory
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Author William J Hooper
Published 1974
Publisher Electrodynamic Gravity, Inc.
Pages 108
ISBN B0006XHD92 Invalid ISBN

"Nearly everyone believes that gravity is a force emanating from matter, but just how, just why, nobody seems to know! ...  This treatise presents newly discovered unique and startling properties of one of our induced electric fields ... [with] ... unique properties possessed only by gravity...

"Guided by theory the inventor has built a generator of the B x v field which projects its field into the surrounding space.  The writer calls this artificially generated field Electrodynamic Gravity because it simulates gravity...

"...magnetic flux loops discovered by Oersted were actually in motion along the linear conductor in the direction of the electron current giving rise to it, and moved with the electron drift velocity.  Our motional electric field generator demonstrates the correctness of the foregoing prediction..." - From the Preface

A nearly-forgotten treasure by a Professor Emeritus of Physics, New Horizons combines theory with experiment to make a convincing case for the connection between electrodynamics and gravity.

Distributed by Tesla Book Company

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