No Neutrinos, No Big Bang

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Scientific Paper
Title No Neutrinos, No Big Bang
Author(s) William C Mitchell
Keywords Neutrinos, Big Bang
Published 1997
Journal None


Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), in the form of infrared photons is believed to originate from the big bang (BB) decoupling, to be red shifted by about 1,000, and received from all directions of space as microwave background radiation (MBR). Neutrinos are also said to originate from the BB but at a much earlier time. They, like the MBR, are believed to "flood" the space that surrounds us. According to quantum wave theory, although BB neutrinos are particles rather than EMR, they are considered to have a red shift much greater than that of BB photons, resulting in their extremely low energy level. An explanation for the lack of their detection is thereby provided. However, the application of wave theory to neutrinos, but not to other particles originating from the BB, presents a logical inconsistency.