On Reviving Tired Light

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Scientific Paper
Title On Reviving Tired Light
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Author(s) Toivo Jaakkola
Keywords Tired light
Published 1990
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 6
No. of pages 6
Pages 5-6

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Halton Arp has recently (1989) presented empirical criticisms of the validity of tired-light mechanisms as an explanation of anomalous redshifts. This is extremely welcome and represents the beginning of a true discussion among those who are not content with standard big bang cosmology. The unorthodox theories are legion: there almost as many theories as there are unorthodox thinkers in this domain. This situation is not conducive to advances in our understanding of a difficult problem. Therefore discussion, and even dispute, are necessary, unavoidable and useful. And who has greater right to initiate the discussion than Chip Arp, the pioneer of the field?