One Reality Now (Nuggets of Wisdom)

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Scientific Paper
Title One Reality Now (Nuggets of Wisdom)
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Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords Nuggets, Wisdom, science, religion, ICONS Corrections Reality Perception, Aristotle, Arhimides, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Theory, Hypothesis, [[]]
Published 2011
Journal None
No. of pages 4

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This paper and concomitant presentation deal with a potpourri of subjects after defining new acronyms and concepts and list of my assumptions. While initially the paper will have jut one paragraph delineating each concept, eventually it is envisioned it can take up a whole chapter in a book. In the mean time here is just a list of concepts divided into secular natural philosophy and super natural theistic philosophy. In ONE Reality such labels and arbitrary divisions are irrelevant. Many a reader would prefer to realign a couple as they have nexus to both philosophies and there is no hard and fast bright dividing line between them. Some would define them differently based on their world view. My definition of religion is broad enough ?Relationship with God? such that absence of relationship or denial of supernatural itself is a religion in its own right; just like zero is a number and untouchable Shudras are/were a caste in the Hindu system of beliefs. Eventually the author integrated the two into one reality.