Origin of Terrestrial Magnetic Field: Thermo-voltaic Dynamo Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title Origin of Terrestrial Magnetic Field: Thermo-voltaic Dynamo Theory
Author(s) Andrija Radovic
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Published 2010
Journal Il Nuovo Cimento
Volume 125 B
Number 7
No. of pages 21
Pages 811-831


Recent research in the domain of gravitation showed that existing theories could not yield direct connection between gravitation and magnetic field even on a great scale where the gravitational force plays a major role. This lack of ability to yield plausible answer abetted quest for the explanation of the terrestrial magnetic field based on the common sense and contemporary science. The objective of the article is to show that the entire amount of geomagnetic field arises in rotating thermoelectric charges created by thermal gradient of Earth's crust and core slightly affected by Sun activity. Although there is almost the same amount of positively and negatively charged regions of Earth's globe, they are split and their peripheral velocities are not equal, therefore this particular inequality is enough to create the existing terrestrial magnetic field.