Philipp M Kanarev

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Philipp M. Kanarev
Philipp M. Kanarev
Born (1936-10-17)October 17, 1936
Residence Krasnodar, Russia
Nationality Russian
Known for Physchemistry, Toroidal Ring, New Energy, Cold Fusion
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics, Inventor

Philipp Michailovich Kanarev was born on October, 17, 1936 on a collective farm in village Chanskaya, Krasnodar territory, republic Adygejskoj. In 1955 he finished high school at Chanskaya, and served on physics faculty at Leningrad State University. Not having a degree, in 1956 he left the university of his own will and acted on the first rate of faculty of mechanization of an agriculture of the Kuban agricultural institute. He finished this faculty in 1961 and went to work as main mechanic Adygejsk of fruit state farm. In 1962 he passed to work as the mechanic of branch Chanskaya, of fruit state farm, and in 1963 passed for work as teacher Chanskaya, H of school of mechanization of an agriculture. In 1963 began postgraduate study on faculty of operation machinery park of the Kuban agricultural institute. In 1967 he completed his master's thesis, and in 1969 became the senior lecturer of this faculty. In 1971 he was appointed managing faculty of the Labour safety, and in 1974 completed his thesis for a doctor's degree. In 1982 he was appointed managing faculty of theoretical mechanics and worked at this post until 2004. Now a pensioner, he is a professor of the same faculty.

To date, Prof. Kanarev has published more than 50 books and brochures in Russian and English languages and more than 300 scientific articles in Russian and English languages. The basic results of researches of a microcosm are published in Russian and English languages on the Internet.

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