Physics Hits the Buffers: Why?

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Physics Hits the Buffers: Why?
Physics Hits the Buffers: Why? 1459.jpg
Author Ron Pearson
Published 2010
Publisher Lulu Enterprises
Pages 194
ISBN None Invalid ISBN

The author shows why, twenty years ago, he saw physics was going wrong. This book is especially written for people who absolutely refuse to accept the possibility that some areas of science today may have gone off track and down a dead end line of research. This book covers the history of science from the ancient Greeks to finally showing why things went wrong. Then more detail is provided about the new theories, which provide the required solutions. They show how a structure could emerge from the void and then create matter out of itself. This is a new kind of ?big bang? that eliminates flaws in the existing theory. This again is written as a popularisation with no maths but some equations are quoted. An understanding of this book should excite the reader who wants to dig even deeper. CREATION SOLVED? is provided to satisfy this desire.

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