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[[Category:Theory|The Particle Model]]
[[Category:Theory|The Particle Model]]
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[[Category:Book|Principia Mathematica 2]]
[[Category:Book|Principia Mathematica 2]]

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Principia Mathematica 2 - A Complete Toolkit for Hacking the Universe
PrincipiaMathematica2 Front Cover.png
Author Bob de Hilster,David de Hilster
Published 2020
Publisher Self Published
Pages 125

Principa Mathematica 2 is a book written by father and son team Bob de Hilster and David de Hilster and describes The Particle Model (TPM) which extends Newton’s classical model of the universe to describe everything as a physical movement of particles. This model proposes physicality for light, gravity, magnetism, and electricity. The Particle Model is based on work by Isaac Newton, Georges-Louis LaSage, Dr. Glenn Borchardt, Ionel Dinu, Robert de Hilster, and David de Hilster. The existence of TPM can be credited the work by Dr. Ricardo Carezani who inspired the work done by both authors of the book.

The book is currently in its final edit and will be published in late 2020.