Pushing Gravity: New Perspectives on Le Sages Theory of Gravitation

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Pushing Gravity: New Perspectives on Le Sages Theory of Gravitation
Pushing Gravity: New Perspectives on Le Sages Theory of Gravitation 22.jpg
Author Matthew R Edwards
Published 2002
Publisher C. Roy Keys Inc. (Apeiron)
Pages 316
ISBN 0968368972

Since Newton?s time many have proposed that gravitation arises from the absorption by material bodies of minute particles or waves filling space. Such absorption would cause bodies to be pushed into each other?s shadows. The principal early proponent of this idea was Georges-Louis Le Sage. The essays in this book explore the remarkable three hundred year saga of Le Sage?s theory, gravitational shielding and the experiments of Q. Majorana, and new and recent Le Sage Models.


  • Preface
  • Halton Arp, Foreword: The Observational Impetus for Le Sage Gravity
  • James Evans, Gravity in the Century of Light: Sources, Construction and Reception of Le Sage?s Theory of Gravitation
  • Frans van Lunteren, Nicolas Fatio de Duillier on the Mechanical Cause of Universal Gravitation
  • E. J. Aiton, Newton?s Aether-Stream Hypothesis and the Inverse Square Law of Gravitation
  • Matthew R. Edwards, Le Sage?s Theory of Gravity: the Revival by Kelvin and Some Later Developments
  • V.V. Radzievskii & I.I. Kagalnikova, The Nature of Gravitation
  • Tom Van Flandern, Gravity
  • Victor J. Slabinski, Force, Heat and Drag in a Graviton Model
  • John Kierein, Gravitation as a Compton Effect Redshift of Long Wavelength Background Radiation
  • Matthew R. Edwards, Induction of Gravitation in Moving Bodies
  • Toivo Jaakkola, Action-at-a-Distance and Local Action in Gravitation
  • K. E. Veselov, Chance Coincidences or Natural Phenomena
  • Barry Mingst & Paul Stowe, Deriving Newton?s Gravitational Law from a Le Sage Mechanism
  • Paul Stowe, Dynamic Effects in Le Sage Models
  • Nedelia Popescu-Adamut, The Electro-Thermodynamic Theory of Gravitation
  • Roberto de Andrade Martins, Majorana?s Experiments on Gravitational Absorption
  • Roberto de Andrade Martins, Gravitational Absorption According to the Hypotheses of Le Sage and Majorana
  • C. S. Unnikrishnan & G.T. Gillies, Constraints on Gravitational Shielding
  • H.-H. v. Borzeszkowski & H.-J. Treder, Non-Relativistic Effects in Gravitation
  • H.-J. Treder, Gravitational Ether and Riemann?s Theory of Gravity
  • Martin Kokus, Alternate Theories of Gravity and Geology in Earthquake Prediction
  • Vincent Buonomano, Co-operative Phenomena as a Physical Paradigm for Relativity, Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics
  • G.D. Hathaway, A Brief Survey of Gravity Control Experiments

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