Quasar's Gyro-gravity Behavior, Luminosity and Redshift

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Scientific Paper
Title Quasar\'s Gyro-gravity Behavior, Luminosity and Redshift
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Author(s) Thierry De Mees
Keywords quasar, gravitation, luminosity, gyrotation, galaxy, redshift, luminosity, gravitomagnetism
Published 2008
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 7

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The high redshift value of quasars is generally described by the Hubble constant, related to the Doppler-effect due to the expansion of the universe. In this paper, we look closer to the part of the redshift that is caused by gyrogravitation, which is the analogue application of the electromagnetic Maxwell equations upon gravitation. The result of our analysis explains the possibility of a high value difference between the quasar redshift and the related galaxy redshift due to the quasar's rotation (spin). Moreover, we find results that are within the observed redshifts, based only on the expected quasar-radius of a few light-weeks, without the artifact of an expanding universe.