Radiation, Quantization, & Temperature

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Scientific Paper
Title Radiation, Quantization, & Temperature
Author(s) Bert Schreiber
Keywords physical constants, Planck's Constant, [[]]
Published 2005
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 2
Pages 180-186


Originally presented as three spearate papers:

1. Time
The problem of determining what ?time? is has occupied the best minds since antiquity. It all boiled down to per Pythagoras: Is time and/or length bits (finite) of time/length (granular now called a quantum) or continuous? Unfortunately, the later scientists had a 50-50 chance and chose the wrong one, or continuous. This then resulted in that the current fundamental physical constants were or could be infinitely small to infinitely large. All past and current theories prohibit any quantization of the constants, as that would com-pletely destroy them 100%. Not only that, the current dimensionless point and pi geometry could no longer be used. Therefore, the current establishment suppresses any heresy that the fundamental constants can be and are a quantum for starters. The current establishment?s concept of time is the interval between two events, or the measurement, clock time or elapsed time.

2. Physical Constants Quantized
Beliefs promulgated by the current establishment are that 1) the physical constants can have values from infinitely small to infinitely large, and 2) they have no relationships to one another. This is especially so as to time, which must be continuous if all current theories are to be promulgated. Anything to the contrary is suppressed at any cost. The physical constants can be and are quantum and quanta values. The current belief that Planck?s Constant can only be found from experiment is likewise shown to be false. Extensions of these multiple proofs then permit the fundamental physical constants and their combinations to be defined and derived by mechanical calculations to an infinite degree of digital accuracy.

3. Temperature
Exactly what is meant by the word ?temperature? is subject to human interpretation. This paper will attempt to clarify its meaning and how it is defined etc. in physical terms. A brief history is included. This discourse requires the discoveries of the author who quantized the physical constants and defined and derived their numerical values. [1] It would be a waste of time to use the current SI values of the physical constants, and then have to do it all over again. When the readers reach the end, then they should understand why the author did not use current theory and beliefs. However, if any care to use the current SI values, you will get the identical physical end results that are herein, although they are very upsetting. A table showing the current and new values of the fundamental physical constants is at the end of this paper, and a proof of same.