Radiation of Light by 186-Ether: Unity of Light and Gravity

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Scientific Paper
Title Radiation of Light by 186-Ether: Unity of Light and Gravity
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Radiation, Ether, Photons, Big Bang, CMBR, Gravity, Voltage, Acceleration, Coulomb's constant, Velocity squared
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 14

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Radiation is transmission of light as an ether wave. Wien's displacement constant, b is the energy of a 186-ether wave. The transmission of light is not locomotion of photons. A 186-ether black body is the source wave-maker rippled by pair production that in turn ripples myriads of 186-ether particles across the universe where wavelength is changed by a factor of 4.965051098. Absolute temperature is proven to be one third of a measured force. Units of Kelvin and Newton are synonymous. Unity of light and gravity is elucidated. A solution for velocity squared is provided. Coulomb's constant is deconstructed. The Planck-Wien ratio points to a 186x186 ether interaction in radiation. Birth of elements as photon clusters by an impact force is shown via experiment. The pointer of CMBR is dealt with.