Relativity and Absolute Space

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Scientific Paper
Title Relativity and Absolute Space
Author(s) [[]]
Keywords relativity, special theory of relativity, Einstein, space, absolute space, transported clock, simultaneity
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 1
No. of pages 13
Pages 18-30


Einstein's special theory of relativity is widely interpreted as showing that absolute space does not exist. But what Einstein actually chimed in his article teas that the notion of absolute space is superfluous. In fact, all the phenomena covered by Einstein's theory can be explained and even predicted on the assumption that absolute space exists, if, following Lorentz, we postulate natural laws holding that motion in absolute space causes temporal and spatial distortions on the moving object. What Einstein called ?relativity? can then be explained as the appearance of a symmetry in pairs of inertial frames that is caused by their real asymmetry in absolute space and the use of Einstein's definition of simultaneity to synchronize clocks on all frames. Since both the absolutist's theory and Einstein's theory can be true, there is no need to choose between them, and we have sufficient reason to believe that absolute space exists.