Relativity and Common Sense: A New Appraoch to Einstein

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Relativity and Common Sense: A New Appraoch to Einstein
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Author Hermann Bondi
Published 1962/1964/1980
Publisher Anchor Books / Dover
Pages 177
ISBN 0486240215

Though critical of certain aspects of Einstein's Theories, Bondi's book generally supports them, focusing its critique instead on the accepted notions of velocity, light and time. For this reason Bondi would be better termed a "near dissident" than a "dissident", though he became more critical in later years. This early contribution was originally published as part of Doubleday Anchor Books' Science Study Series, intended for high school, undergraduate and lay-readership.  The fact that it has remained in print for nearly 50 years is proof enough of its readability.  Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, Bondi's book is unquestionable thought-provoking, and perhaps a good bridge to opening a dialogue with mainstream scientists. From the back cover:

"The fact that Einstein's Theory of Relativity has been considered something strange and revolutionary is due, according to Professor Bondi, to several commonsense though erroneous notions about velocity, light, and time.  By viewing Newtonian physics in a different manner, a much more comprehensible picture of Relativity could be established with little trouble.  This volume proceeds to do just that, offering a radically reoriented presentation of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity that derives Relativity from Newtonian ideas, rather than in opposition to them.  It is one of the most valuable popular accounts available.

"The author first explains the concepts of force, momentum, rotation, sound, light, and the relation of these to the important concept of velocity.  He then shows how time is relative rather than absolute; how high speeds affect the nature of time; and how acceleration affects speed, time, and mass..."

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