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  1. "Ich war Einstein": Die Geheimgeschichte der Relativit?tstheorie bis 1914
  2. 2009 Total Collapse of General Relativity Theory: CM Draconis Binary Stars Motion
  3. ?Ein Mann glaubt nicht an Einsteins Formel?
  4. ?Explain? in the Natural Sciences: Are Our Criteria Biased?
  5. ?ber die Einheit der Energie
  6. ?ber die Einheit der Materie - Das physikalische Wachstum
  7. A "Micro-fusion" Reactor: Nuclear Reactions "in the Cold" by Ultrasonic Cavitation
  8. A Bohr-type Assessment of the Quantum Hall Eff ect
  9. A Brief and Elementary Note on Redshift
  10. A Case for Magnetic Sources
  11. A Cause of Draughts? Interview with Dr James DeMeo
  12. A Contribution to the Description of Light Propagation in Inertial Reference Frames and an Interpretation of Physical Laws
  13. A Critical Analysis of Einstein's Non-Conform Analogy Between Rotation And Gravitatiton. Part I: Theory And Experiment. Part II: Harmony Between Non-Locality And The STR In Both Micro And Macro Worlds.
  14. A Decisive Experiment Establishing the Absolute Nature of Electromagnetic Phenomena
  15. A Few Discoveries Over A Lifetime
  16. A Gedanken Experiment With Relativistic Fields
  17. A Modified Law of Gravitation taking Account of the Relative Speeds of Moving Masses A Preliminary Study
  18. A Motor Using Only Permanent Magnets?
  19. A N Sissankian
  20. A New Direction In The Energetics
  21. A New Tesla Coil Design Approach
  22. A New Theory of the Unified Physical Field
  23. A Note Regarding Relativity
  24. A Note of Widening on the Redshift Mechanism
  25. A Novel Approach To The Bound Muon Decay Rate Retardation: Metric Change Nearby The Nucleus
  26. A Novel Approach to the End Results of the General Theory of Relativity Via Just the Special Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
  27. A Paradox of Energy Conservation due to the Relativistic Velocity-Transformation Law
  28. A Philosophy of Space & Time
  29. A Possible Theoretical Mass of the Universe Calculated Using The Friedman Dust Universe Model with Einstein's Lambda
  30. A Preliminary Analysis of the Silvertooth Experiment
  31. A Proposed Vinculum Between Physical and Metaphysical States
  32. A Reconciliation of Quantum Physics and Special Relativity
  33. A Relationship Between Magnetic Moment and Particle Radius
  34. A Relativistic Wave-Particle Based on Maxwell?s Equations: A Model for a Classical Photon
  35. A Relativistically Derived Cosmological Model
  36. A Rotating "Mach-Zehnder" Interferometer for Measuring the Earth's Absolute Velocity
  37. A Rotating Flux Compressor for Energy Conversion
  38. A Sea of Neutrinos as the Luminiferous Medium
  39. A Semi-Classical Theory of Baryon Structure
  40. A Solution for the "Dark Matter Mystery" Based on Euclidean Relativity: long version
  41. A Sotiropoulou
  42. A Systems View of the Universe as ONE Reality
  43. A Theoretical Mechanism for Sonofusion
  44. A Thermal Basis for Gravitational Quantum Vacuum Polarization Descriptive Account of a Fundamental Process in a Friedman Dust Universe with Einstein's Lambda
  45. A Toolkit for Improving the Understanding of Relationships between Physical Parameters based on Adjusted SI units and a New Planck Unit Framework
  46. A Totally Unified Field Theory and its Implications for
  47. A Unified Theory of the Free Energy Paradigm
  48. A Y Glikson
  49. Abdelhamed Ali
  50. Absence of the Relativistic Transverse Doppler Shift at Microwave Frequencies

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