Steady-State Cosmology: Once More Unto the Breach?

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Scientific Paper
Title Steady-State Cosmology: Once More Unto the Breach?
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Steady-State Cosmology
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 3
Pages 301-305


Big-bang cosmology rests mainly on accepted interpretations of two empirical facts: the Hubble redshift, interpreted as a Doppler effect, and the 2.7?K cosmic background radiation, interpreted as a direct echo of the hypothesized primordial event. Recent findings of Marmet, providing both a plausible non-Doppler redshift mechanism and a brilliant new resolution of Olbers' paradox, are reviewed and shown to support altered interpretations of the empirical evidence. These appear to justify renewed interest in steady-state and related cosmological models. Numerous other considerations, including the quasar data of Arp, lend support to this conclusion.