Superluminal Velocities: Evidence for a New Kinematics?

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Scientific Paper
Title Superluminal Velocities: Evidence for a New Kinematics?
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Superluminal Velocities, Kinematics
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 2
Pages 180-185


Currently accepted explanations of the superluminal velocities reported by astronomers are characterized by a superunitary ratio of hypotheses to facts. This motivates a review of alternatives, beginning with doubts cast by investigations of Arp and Marmet on the distance scale of quasars and culminating in a reexamination of the foundations of kinematics. A simple analysis based on postulates of invariance of length and proper-time intervals leads to velocity nonreciprocity ? which explains the astronomical observations with logical economy. It also offers new perceptions concerning the well-known twin paradox.