Tesla 84: Proceedings of the Tesla Centennial Symposium

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Tesla 84: Proceedings of the Tesla Centennial Symposium
Tesla 84: Proceedings of the Tesla Centennial Symposium 760.jpg
Author Toby Grotz, Elizabeth A Rauscher
Published 1984
Pages 164

In 1984, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Tesla's arrival in the U.S., a group of highly dedicated people organized the first Nikola Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs. Speakers included Marc Seifer, J. & K. Corum, Oliver Nichelson, Moray B. King, Tom Bearden, and Andrija Puharich. A number of excellent papers on various aspects of Dr. Tesla's work in electrical engineering were presented. The book includes a bonus paper written by Tesla himself in 1937 on the particle beam device.

* [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1066 William H. Terbo], "Opening Address"   9

  • H. W. Jones, "Project Insight: A Study of Tesla's Advanced Concepts"    11
  • Patrick McKee, "An Aspect of Concept Formation in Tesla's Thought"    29
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1137 Marc Seifer], "Nikola Tesla: The Lost Wizard"    31
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=957 Dr. James F. Corum] & [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=958 Kenneth L. Corum], "Disclosures Concerning the Operation of an ELF Oscillator"    41
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=957 Dr. James F. Corum] & [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=958 Kenneth L. Corum], "A Physical Interpretation of the Colorado Springs Data"    50
  • Robert Golka, "The Tesla Coil Experiment"    59
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1040 Ronald J. Kovac], "Ball Lightning Research via Computer Tesla Coil Design"    62
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1136 Oliver Nichelson], "Tesla's Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator and the Ether"    67
  • Rastko Maglic, "Thunderbolt Induced Earth Tremors, Possible Resonances"    71
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=323 Dr. Charles A. Yost], "Electric Weather Forces: A Tesla Vision"    77
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=892 Dr. Robert W. Bass], "Self-Sustained Non-Hertzian Longitudinal Wave Oscillations as Rigorous Solutions of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Radiation"    89
  • Richard A. Blade, "Modification of Maxwell's Equations in Free Space to Account for Nonzero Photon Mass and Scalar Electromagnetic Waves"    91
  • Richard A. Blade & Steve Rogers, "Wavefront Detection Using a Dithering Mirror"    93
  • Jack Dea, "Scalar Fields: Their Prediction From Classical Electromagnetism and Interpretation from Quantum Mechanics"    94
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=714 Dr. Moray B. King], "Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization"    99
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=894 Dr. Elizabeth A. Rauscher], "Properties of Nonlinear Coherent Modes in MHD - Plasmas and a Possible Resolution of the Plasma Confinement Problem"    108
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=844 Dr. Tom Bearden], "Tesla's Electromagnetics and its Soviet Weaponization"    119
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=883 Dr. Andrija Puharich], "Method and Means of Shielding a Person from the Polluting Effects of ELF Waves and All Other Environmental Electromagnetic Emissions"    139
  • Nikola Tesla, "The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media"    144

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