The Binary Stars

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Scientific Paper
Title The Binary Stars
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Author(s) Jamahl A Peavey
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Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 50

Read the full paper here


Mega experiments and abstract mathematics dominance in modern physics has provided scientist with a wealth of information. These are also the primary tools used to combine gravity with electromagnetism and the two nuclear forces. This is physics greatest problem, ?How do you combine General Relativity and Quantum Mechanical structures?? In THE BINARY STARS Lectures, the primary tool for solving the problem is mechanical logic, which is based on mechanical axioms or principles. Hilbert's 6th Problem or an axiomatic base for physics is based on mathematical logic. Unlike mathematical logic, mechanical logic integrates physical principles or axioms into a system. The system or wave function is the machine that drives the binary stars. Understanding this system is essential to explaining phenomena such as Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Flow, Entanglement and the relationship between the four fundamental forces.