The Crisis of Theoretical Physics

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The Crisis of Theoretical Physics
Author Philipp M Kanarev, Robert J Hannon
Published 1997
Publisher Krasnodar; Topan Printing Co.
Pages 140

Along with the information published in Russian and in English earlier, more recent scientific results of the author are published in this book. The author tried to show the essence of the crisis of the theoretical physics and the way of overcoming of it, which is based on the new methods of calculating and analyzing of the great number of experimental data of optical a nuclear spectroscopy. These methods lead to discovering of the structures of photons, electrons, atoms, atom's nucleus, and molecules. Scientific data given in a layman's terms makes this book understandable for a wide reader interested in the problems of scientific analysis of the world structure. Chapter 9 of this book is "The Secret of Cold Fusion". Translated from Russian by B.N. Soulimovsky (Russia). Edited by Robert J. Hannon (USA).

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