The Einstein Code

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The Einstein Code
Author John N Hait
Publisher John Hait
Pages 280

The Einstein Code is not dry science, but an electrifying enigma amid a backdrop of real life intrigue and high-stakes conflict. It is non-fiction at its pinnacle.

What could be more exciting than discovering the solution to a millennium-long real-life mystery that famous scientists and powerful governments throughout the ages have toiled to unravel, while others have fought to bury it in a sea of confusion in a masterful struggle to keep its universal secrets hidden from the public? What's more, it's a very-high-stakes riddle that can bring untold value to those taking advantage of its solution, which is why it continues to be the subject of high-budget research and cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Yet, it has eluded them all- remaining a universal enigma... until now!

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