The Feeling Formula: A Psychological Equation of State

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Scientific Paper
Title The Feeling Formula: A Psychological Equation of State
Author(s) Robert J Heaston
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Published 2004
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 1
Number 1
Pages 37-42


For any given situation, the feeling formula uses only four variables to predict the full spectrum of human feelings from the pain of devasting panic to the pleasure of unbounded ecstasy.  The variables can be clinically tested.  The formula is a mathematical equation that can be expressed in six different formats that are similar to equations commonly used in physics, chemistry, and rocket science.  The feeling formula unifies many seemingly divergent aspects of physiology, psychology, psychoanaylsis, and cognitive therapy, and merges them into an integrated psychoneurophysics theory of human emotions.  The feeling formula is a lifelong tool for assessing one's personal psychological state.  It can be used to analyze social, home, and work environments, as well as books and movies.  An overview will be presented on the feeling formula and practical examples of its application.