The Original Lorentz Equations: Their Correct Understanding and Validity

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Scientific Paper
Title The Original Lorentz Equations: Their Correct Understanding and Validity
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Author(s) Sadanand S Savarkar
Keywords lorentz
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 4

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Lorentz gave in 1904 his famous coordinate-transformation equations for relativistic correspondence. However, for the purposes of ideological propaganda - and for that purpose to deny Lorentz the origination of the theory -, those equations are often falsely alleged to be defective. An insinuation often adopted is based on concealing the correct import of those equations, which have to be understood in their proper context. The correct understanding of those equations demonstrates the falsity of the allegation. While understanding correctly the mathematical formulae we have to take into consideration the notation, the context, the contemporary conventions, etc. The same mathematical relationship can always be expressed in diverse ways, and all such diverse expressions are entirely equivalent, and all equally valid. There is nothing wrong ? absolutely nothing wrong ? with the original Lorentz equations.