The Structure of the Visible Universe

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Scientific Paper
Title The Structure of the Visible Universe
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Author(s) Arnold G Gulko
Keywords Big Bang, Structure, Universe
Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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In issue #62 of Infinite Energy magazine (2005) in an article entitled "Two Competing Cosmological Theories" (pages 31-39) this writer established that the Big Bang theory did not fit the facts whereas his 25 year old Universe Cycle theory did. At the start of that article the respective theories were summarized, and at the end of the article it was pointed out that the characteristics of the gamma-ray bursts now being received correlated remarkably well with the overall structure of the universe. To briefly summarize the Universe Cycle theory, the cosmos initially contained an infinite space filled with widely spaced apart supermassive black holes, and our visible universe came into being when these holes exploded in gamma-ray bursts of enormous power.