The Universe Electric, Vol. 1: Big Bang? eBook

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The Universe Electric, Vol. 1: Big Bang? eBook
The Universe Electric, Vol. 1: Big Bang? eBook 1200.jpg
Author Wallace Thornhill
Published 2009
Publisher Mikimar Publishing
Pages 209

Never has remote space inspired greater awe than in the first part of the 21st Century. But can it really be said that we understand the new vistas, the exotic structures, and intensely energetic events now revealed to us? As descriptions grow more complex, unified explanations seem ever more elusive. Yet a new vision of the universe is emerging, and it includes something long overlooked?the role of electricity in space. The UNIVERSE ELECTRIC ebook series begins with volume 1: Big Bang? In simple language stripped of scientific jargon, and with spectacular photographs of deep space phenomena and numerous graphic illustrations, this first volume challenges some of our leading scientific theories.

It also offers an alternative point of view that has been a century in the making; a point of view anchored in empirical science and lab experimentation, a which illuminates the shadowy confusion of anomalies and contradictions that these current popular theories have spawned.

209 pages of highly graphical content leading the reader through an overview of the development and underpinnings of the Big Bang cosmology and the Electric Universe cosmology.

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