The Zero-Point Universe

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The Zero-Point Universe
The Zero-Point Universe 1570.jpg
Author Ray Fleming
Published 2012
Publisher Ray Fleming
Pages 298
ISBN B0075VVQ8W Invalid ISBN

The Zero-Point Universe explores the idea that all forces must be transmitted point-to-point through the vacuum of space through the zero-point field. Each force theory is re-examined to determine how it works with respect to zero-point energy, and along the way we discover, that this limiting condition leaves us with only one set of possibilities and one force responsible for all interactions. The book brings in historical perspectives and reads almost like a mystery novel, as it unravels the mysteries of physics. It is written for someone with only a basic grasp of physics and is clear and easy to understand, while including a few equations and citations to remind the reader that this is serious physics. This exploration ultimately leads to a new and complete theory of the universe that takes the Standard Model of Physics head-on. What if there was no such thing as action at a distance, no magical force transmission? What if there where no such things as smart particles carrying memory chips full of the information needed for an object in space to know where it is supposed to go? What if all forces where transmitted point-to-point by zero point energy, through the zero point field? What if all objects where pushed on by the zero-point field, and all forces where due pressure differentials, much in the same way as the Casimir Force. In the Zero-Point Universe reasonable explanations for force interactions, are identified by ignoring old theories that rely on action at a distance, since magical force transmission is obviously false. There is only one thing we know to be present through the vacuum of space and that is zero-point energy; hence every force interaction must be transmitted by and through the zero point field. By being rigorous, and jettisoning the old magical force transmission theories, and being conservative in our approach to explain force transmission, without violating the principles of conservation of energy and momentum, the energy limitations for virtual particles required by Planck?s theory of quantum harmonic oscillators, and the detection limits of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, we find that there is only one possible self consistent theory in the zero-point universe, and only one force, the Electro-Matter Force.

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