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Scientific Paper
Title Time
Author(s) Bert Schreiber
Keywords time, Pythagoras, continuous time, quantized time
Published 2005
Journal None


The problem of determining what ?time? is has occupied the best minds since antiquity. It all boiled down to per Pythagoras: Is time and/or length bits (finite) of time/length (granular now called a quantum) or continuous? Unfortunately, the later scientists had a 50-50 chance and chose the wrong one, or continuous. This then resulted in that the current fundamental physical constants were or could be infinitely small to infinitely large. All past and current theories prohibit any quantization of the constants, as that would com-pletely destroy them 100%. Not only that, the current dimensionless point and pi geometry could no longer be used. Therefore, the current establishment suppresses any heresy that the fundamental constants can be and are a quantum for starters. The current establishment?s concept of time is the interval between two events, or the measurement, clock time or elapsed time.