Twenty Reasoned and Reasonable Assumptions of One Reality in Twenty Minutes Towards a Unified Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title Twenty Reasoned and Reasonable Assumptions of One Reality in Twenty Minutes Towards a Unified Theory
Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords One, Reality, Science, Paradigm, Unified, Theory, Everything, Assumptions, Definitions, Gravity, Light, Waves, [[]]
Published 2010
Journal None


  1. I assume that when I assume I make an ass out of you and me.
  2. There is a God (An Anthroptimum God or more realistically anthroptimum man)
    • I exist ( If I do not exist you can ignore this presentation)
    • I did not create myself (Let me know if you think or know you created me)
    • You exist, I did not create you and you did not create yourself.
  3. Everything happens in real time. If you see a flare on the Sun or if the sun suddenly vanishes we will know it immediately and not 8 minutes later for the light or gravity to traverse a distance 93 million miles.
  4. Everything was created for a purpose including the universe and everything therein including you and me.
  5. Everything is also a virtual particle. All be it size and duration may vary considerably from infinitely small to infinitely large. By everything I mean everything including the universe and everything in it including all particles, plants, pets, people, planets and anchors of planets such as stars, galaxies, clusters (micro and macro) of galaxies and to include super clusters of galaxies and sub-divisions of sub-sub atomic particles of the universe.
  6. Some things around us are real some are not. Things are not always what they seem. Even the things that are not real to us are real to God. There is a veil between us and God, which is transparent, shapeless, and though crossable by the other side, it is not crossable by us.
  7. There is a continuous battle between good and evil, conflicting world views. The battle even if temporary is very real. Its customized for our optimum growth, such that we would not want to trade our bag of challenges with anyone else any more than we would want to trade or bag known and open bag of blessings with unknown and closed bag of blessings of another.
  8. Everything has a purpose, which is often unknown to us but is discoverable.
  9. Everything changes except God but not enough to violate any laws like law of Biogenesis (Only life begets life).
  10. There is But ONE Reality.
  11. There is But One God which consists of 3 beings: a) God the Father b) God the son and c) God the Holy Ghost.
  12. There is infinite variety. Like no two snowflakes are alike, no two persons are alike and no two persons have the same religion (Relationship with God). In this respect atheism is as much a religion as any other religion and perhaps a bit more hideous as it is in denial stage.
  13. All gaps are reducible (and eventually crossable) such as between a) Perception and reality. b) man and God c) even the gulf between good and evil.
  14. Every infinitesimal part of infinity is infinity in its own right unless first partitioned by some visible or invisible non-crass able veil at least by us. Same applies to any part of zero (however large of small) is still infinitely far from zero.
  15. There is no such thing as non-physical travelling wave. There are of course physical travelling waves and non-physical stationary waves perhaps in a waveguide or total internal reflection of fiber optics.
  16. Everything we know is relative and physical for us but real to God. Everything real to us is virtual (Temporary) to God and conversely and everything virtual to us is real to God. Its commutated pair of statements is everything temporary and virtual to God is real to us and conversely everything real to God is virtual or unreal to us.
  17. Man is God's ultimate creation. He is proud of it. His unconditional love consumes him to the Anthroptimum principle including watching his only begotten son crucified on cross for each and every one of us.
  18. Just as there are Male and Female (roughly 50% each) similarly we are 50% iso and 50% cross as a function of soul gender in addition to body sex.
  19. I also assume none of the above are assumptions but are in fact factual including this assumption.