Unified Spiral Nature of the Quantum & Relativistic Universe

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Unified Spiral Nature of the Quantum & Relativistic Universe
Author Vladimir B Ginzburg
Published 2002
Publisher Helicola Press, Division of IRMC, Inc.
Pages 275
ISBN 0967143225

This book provides an easy-to-read description of the spiral field theory, along with its some fundamental equations. It employs new prime elements of Nature, the torix and the helix that are created from empty space by polarization of energy (or time)and vorticity. The most important by-product of the theory is the unification of the strong and electric forces. The theory describes matter, ether, electromagnetic wave, and neutrinos by the same fundamental equations. It confirmes a possibility of instantaneous transmission of waves, an idea early advanced by Wheeler and Feynman. The theory identifies likely candidates for "dark" matter and outlines a road map for the unified field theory.

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