Unveil 186-Ether @ 144 GeV

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Scientific Paper
Title Unveil 186-Ether @ 144 GeV
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords GodParticle, HiggsBoson, Ether, CERN, FermiLabs, PairProduction
Published 2011
Journal None
No. of pages 1

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CERN (LHC) and Fermi Labs smash particles in accelerators to reveal the process of creation through annihilation; the Higgs Boson, or mysterious God particle, was predicted to show up in one such experiment. I have more than 35 papers on ether, the ancient ether as measured in black body radiation by Wien and derived by Planck. A prediction of 144 GeV was made by me several years ago and is mentioned in my Preface to The Ether Model & The Hand of God (2008). 144 GeV corresponds to 186-ether. My prediction is described with numbers in this paper.