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==Links to Purchase Book==
==Links to Purchase Book==
* [[http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net Water as a New Source of Energy]][[Category:Book]]
* [[http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net Water as a New Source of Energy]][[Category:Book|water new source energy]]
[[Category:New Energy]]
[[Category:New Energy|water new source energy]]

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Water as a New Source of Energy
Author Philipp M Kanarev
Published 2000/2002
Publisher Krasnodar
Pages 194

Translated from Russian by A. I. Kostina. The Third Edition, Krasnodar 2002. 194 Pages, 50 Figures, 22 Tables and more 200 physical and chemistry equations.

The new experimental results giving excess energy cannot be explained and therefore the contemporary theoretical physics and chemistry are in a state of crisis. This crisis can be defeated only by recognizing the significance and validity of the axiom of the unity of space-matter-time in the development of the exact sciences. This directly leads them back to classical ways of progress. This approach reinforces the connection between physics and chemistry and elucidates the physico-chemical processes which are generating excess energy during the different methods of processing water.

It becomes possible to consider water electrolysis process from another point of view, to reduce significantly energy expenses for hydrogen production and to make it competitive energy carrier. The book is intended for physicists, chemists and other specialists which are seeking new energy sources and new directions for understanding the very basics of the microworld.

Links to Purchase Book