What's Behind Faraday's Magnetic Lines of Force?

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Scientific Paper
Title What\'s Behind Faraday\'s Magnetic Lines of Force?
Author(s) Ionel Dinu
Keywords aether, lines of force, magnetism
Published 2006
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 41
Pages 24-30


Since their discovery by Michael Faraday, magnetic lines of force have represented a powerful way to visualize magnetic fields. Nevertheless, their physical interpretation cannot be considered a settled issue even today. The voice of James Clerk Maxwell, who advocated a change in the state of the aether in regions where the lines were made manifest, has gradually been overcome by those of proponents of theories representing the lines of force as merely geometrical lines running through empty space. The accepted model is inadequate, and the present work provides a new interpretation of magnetic lines of force that restores the material aether as the seat of magnetic phenomena.