What is the Real Universe?

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Scientific Paper
Title What is the Real Universe?
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Author(s) Karl Teppo
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Published 2008
Journal Unpublished
No. of pages 4

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Evolutionary, metaphysical created by a God? Philosophy can have a foot in either camp. To arbitrate between them more conclusive scientific evidence has only been available in the last few decades. Take the old ether' medium theory for the propagation of radiation, only requiring the physics of an entity so far eluded our best measuring techniques? I like to introduce my, The Radiation Coupled Theory of Gravity. Assumption of Universe as observed and postulated to evolve from hot to cold, fails continuity and therefore I postulate two alternating 'empirical' eon cycles of the Universe divided by the absolute zero Kelvin, presently hot, but evolved from a cold 'eon cycle.'