'Time is the Other Name of 'Space' (Summarized Approach)

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Scientific Paper
Title \'Time is the Other Name of \'Space\' (Summarized Approach)
Author(s) Bernard Guy
Keywords Time, Space
Published 2008
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 5
Number 1
Pages 70-84


There does not exist, as beside the world, something invisible that would flow everywhere and that one would try to approach thanks to instruments called clocks. There does not exist, as existing before the world, an invisible frame that one would find everywhere and that one would try to landmark thanks to instruments called rulers. Rulers and clocks do not exist independently of the world, they are only choices among the phenomena. Time and space do not exist the one without the other, they are the two faces of the same substance. This primary substance, we will call it movement, is associated to any finite amount of matter, to any finite amount of tangible reality. Space is associated to the cardinal aspect, the total amplitude, the stop, the completion, the fraction of the movement; time is associated to the ordinal aspect, to the unfolding, the process of the movement. By saying that, we cannot avoid a shift in the meaning and in the bearing of the words space, time and movement. The practical distinction between space and time does not refer to a pre-established cut within the reality, but is made possible thanks to the multiplicity of the material points of the world. These considerations make it possible to read again the theory of relativity, and to re-write the Lorentz equations by giving to t a temporarily vectorial character. They make it possible to solve a great number of problems and paradoxes that arise in natural philosophy and in contemporary physics. This paper aka "Thinking the Movement as Primary, Deriving Space and Time from It: A New Paradigm in Natural Philosophy and Physics"