A Big Howler, Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

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A Big Howler, Einstein\'s Theory of Special Relativity
Author Satya Pal Gulati, Shoba Gulati
Published 1982
Publisher Delta Publications (New Delhi, India)
Pages 98

This book is an open challenging invitation to "Einsteinians' -- particularly so to the person like Professor A. I. Miller of the USA who in his recent book ?Albert Einstein?s Theory of Special Relativity? (Addison-Wesley, 1981) has undertaken to apotheosize Einstein whose work if not an act of straight plagiarism is definitely ?A BIG HOWLER?; infested with infidelities. The ?Transformation Maze? is another interesting feature of the book. Besides, it also contains outlines of the authors? ?SIMILARITY THEORY?, perhaps the only valid alternative.