A Brief Reexamination of Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title A Brief Reexamination of Relativity
Author(s) Shao-Zhi Xu
Keywords Relativity
Published 1997
Journal None


The paper confirms that the Einstein-Lorentz Group is a null-set 1 and will offer mathematical and physical facts to show that: (a) The so called 4-D interval invariance is irrelevant to the second postulate of relativity; (b) It is worthless when the Lorentz transformation meets the 4-D invariance; (c) The Lorentz transformation contradicts itself and is unqualified as a coordinate transformation; (d) The deSitter argument has an intrinsic gap and cannot serve as evidence that the velocity of light is independent of the speed of the source; (e) The second principle of relativity has no empirical evidence. It is a glaring error to ascribe the electrodynamics of moving bodies to any observer's observation.