A Classical Electrodynamic Theory of the Nucleus

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Scientific Paper
Title A Classical Electrodynamic Theory of the Nucleus
Author(s) Charles William Lucas
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Published 2006
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A classical electrodynamic geometrical packing model for the structure of the nucleus is developed based on the derived universal electrodynamic force law. This model incorporates the physical structures of electrons, protons, and neutrons from the classical electrodynamic string model of elementary particles. From the physical characteristics of these real particles this work derives, using combinatorial geometry, the number and orientation of electrons and protons that will pack into the various physical shells of the nucleus in agreement with the observed structure of the Table of the Nuclides. In this model neutrons inside the nucleus polarize into electrons and protons. The model accurately predicts the nuclear "magic numbers" indicative of nuclear shell structure, the spin of all nuclides, and explains the physical origin of the liquid drop features of nuclides. Arguments are given showing the superiority of this classical model of the nucleus over relativistic quantum and liquid drop models.