A New Alternative to the Big Bang Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title A New Alternative to the Big Bang Theory
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Author(s) Henry P Dart
Keywords Big Bang, alternative, cosmic redshift
Published 1993
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 17
No. of pages 4
Pages 5-8

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A new alternative to the "Big Bang" theory is proposed based upon the exponential decay of photons as they travel through space. The energy lost by the photons is converted into neutrinos having very small masses which eventually are attracted to galactic centers where they are "recycled" into electrons and protons. This alternative, coupled with the concept of an infinite hierarchical universe, overcomes the objections of Olbers and Seeliger to an infinite universe, as well as accounting for the frequency independent cosmic redshift, the "dark matter" which has puzzled astronomers for many years, the abundances of the elements, and the cosmic background radiation. It also provides a model by which radiant energy is recycled back into particles whose energy (mc2) corresponds to the energy lost by the photons.