A New Aspect of Planck's Constant

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Scientific Paper
Title A New Aspect of Planck\'s Constant
Author(s) Milos Abadzic
Keywords Planck's Constant
Published 2008
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 14


Determination of Planck's constant had to a great extent, a factual characteristic, like determining the speed of light. Some terms and values which were obtained, reflected real relations although the scientists were unaware of the characteristics and mechanisms of the processes involved. From today's point of the view, we cannot determine the extent of their knowledge from the erroneous hypotheses and theories which appeared later. The physical and the mathematical models presented, disturb the coherence of the real physical appearances and processes - merely confusing the understanding of what happens in nature. In this article, I have attempted (and I believe successfully to a great extent,) to take advantage of Planck constants for determining the characteristics of one of the sub-elemental magnitudes. The analysis is limited to elektrions, but would presumably apply to all other particle systems, with a certain degree of freedom in systems connected with elastic interactions. One of the important results of this analysis is that the carriers of electromagnetic processes are particles with electrical charges that are less than the charges of electrons and quarks. These data refute the theories associated with the Standard model which it seeks to correct. The purpose is not in introducing many smaller particles, but to point out the need to reassess theories that rely on the Standard model, such as the theory of relativity and quantum physics. From this analysis, there ensues some new approaches mentioned in the conclusions at the end of this article.