A Unified Approach to Particle Physics: High Energy Physics and Paley's Watch

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Scientific Paper
Title A Unified Approach to Particle Physics: High Energy Physics and Paley\'s Watch
Author(s) Jerry Bergman
Keywords Particle Physics, Paley's Watch
Published 1992
Journal None
Pages 232-236


The developments in the area of particle physics was completed to help understand the energy-matter reality, and the basis for the physical world as we know it. the basic structure of matter has been found to be far more complex than imagined just a few decades ago. Its enormous complexity at this level poses new challenges to naturalistic interpretations of the origins, exitence and maintenance of the reality which we experience around us. Various theories have been developed to account for the complexity that exists in the living world, such as natural selection, genetic drift and related, but but most of these mechanisms are not applicable to the origin and design of the physical world. This has resulted in a revival of the Palet's watchhypothesis, and also in new attempts by philosophical naturalists to deal with it, such as Dawkins; blind watchmaker hypothesis. This informationis then related to the conclusion that the universe, and especially the earth's corner of it, appears to be designed fro human life and if conditions were slightly different, no life could exist.