About an Anomaly that Breaks Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title About an Anomaly that Breaks Relativity
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Author(s) Helmut Hansen
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Published 2008
No. of pages 39

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The first step in scientific revolution or paradigm shift is the awareness of the existence of an anomaly. That means to see clearly that a specific fact cannot be explained by a universally accepted paradigm. Although relativity - one of the most driving paradigms of contemporary physics - is working efficiently in the most cases but there is one fact, which cannot be explained by it. This fact concerns a specific coincidence. Physicists have observed that the local inertial compass coincides with the frame of the most distant galax-ies and quasars within the present measurement accuracy of 2.5 x 10-4 arcsec/year. In modern physics Machs Principle is the hypothesis most favoured to explain this fact. It maintains that the local inertial compass, f.e. Foucaults pendulum, is determined by all the masses in the Universe in such a way that the measured coincidence is given. As Machs Principle implies that not only gravity but all physics shall be formulated without any reference to an all-pervasive background like an ether, it is physically considered as the climax of relativity. But Machs Principle could never be formulated in a precise way. The above-mentioned coincidence is still unexplained. But it is not yet epistemologically recognized as an anomaly that breaks the relativistic paradigm. In this paper an argument is presented that could change the epistemological status of this fact tremendously. Actually this fact can be explained as the signature of an omnipresent and invisible entity.