Actual Problems of Modern Physics

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Scientific Paper
Title Actual Problems of Modern Physics
Author(s) Philipp M Kanarev
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Published 2009
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The scientific community has the right to know catastrophic position of modern theoretical physics, and the reasons that have led it to such a condition. 'Actual' means very important for given time. The actual problems should be formulated, published, and discussed by the scientific community. It is quite natural to do that indeed, a duty of the academic elite. However, the scientific community, not only in Russia, but also world wide, does not own such information. Therefore there is a bases to designate these problems, and to publish them. The most extensive international discussion is conducted now on reliability of physical theories of XX century. And it is natural, as the theory - the basic tool of interpretation of experiments. The erroneous theory results in erroneous interpretation of experiments, and forms erroneous representations about the physical phenomena and the processes managing formation of their results [1-3]. It is considered, that scientific problems of formation of a material world are solved with the theory of 'The Big Bang', following from theories of a relativity of A. Einstein. An experimental basis of this theory is the spectrum of relic radiation [1-3]. However, a new analysis of the structure of this radiation convincingly and unequivocally proves the complete inaccuracy of its interpretation. The spectrum of relic radiation is formed with photons, radiated by electrons upon synthesis of atoms of hydrogen and helium stars of the Universe [1-3].

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