Advances in Fundamental Physics

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Advances in Fundamental Physics
Advances in Fundamental Physics 334.gif
Author Franco Selleri, Michele Barone
Published 1995
Publisher Hadronic Press
Pages 474
ISBN 091176772X

Proceedings of an International Conference held 1994 in Olympia, Greece



  • Michele Barone, The Underwater Neutrino Telescopes  1
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1219 Jenner Barretto Bastos-Filho] & R. M. X. de Araujo, Dimensional Analysis and Fundamental Physical Constants in N-Dimensional Spaces for Real N  11
  • G. F. Sanger, On Mechanisms of Ambiguity and Adaptation in Nature and Their Dimensions  23
  • Ruggero Maria Santilli, An Introduction to Hadronic Mechanics  69


  • Roland H. Dishington, Cause and Effect in Special Relativity  187
  • Joseph Levy, Is the Invariance of the Speed of Light Compatible with Quantum Mechanics?  Some New Arguments  203
  • Constantin I. Mocanu, Hertzian Extension of Einstein Special Relativity to Non-Uniform Motions  217
  • A. Panaitescu, On the Electromagnetic State Quantities in Electrodynamics of Moving Media  241
  • A. Paparodopoulos, The Law of Universla Gravitation in a G Variant Universe  265
  • Simon J. Prokhovnik, The Nature of Friedmann Universes  277
  • Horst E. Wilhelm, Physical Foundations of Galilei Covariant Electrodynamics  283

Quantum Physics

  • A. Afriat, Correlations Involving Several Subsystems 2999
  • Co. Antonopoulos, On Measurements with Contradictory Results; Tracing the Roots of the Original Wholeness  313
  • A. K. Aringazin, K. M. Aringazin, A. Baskoutas, G. Brodimas, A. Jannusis & E. Vlachos, q-Deformed Harmonic Oscillator in Phase Space  329
  • M. Damjanonvic & Z. Maric, Relativistic Dynamics and Space-Time Structure of Few-Body Processes  349
  • J. Foadi, A Geometrical Approach to Bell Inequalities  357
  • L. C. B. Ryff, Some Reflections and Conjectures on E.P.R. Correlations and Realism  369
  • Franco Selleri, Complementarity vs. Causality in Space and Time  381
  • James Paul Wesley, Light Radiates as Stochastic Bursts of Photons  399


  • V. P. Ivankin, On the Origin and Development of the Solar System  409
  • Martin Kokus, Red-Shift Quantization and the Fractal Geometry of the Universe  425
  • H. G. Owen, Speculations on the Physical State of the Earth's Inner Core  429
  • Giovanni Scalera, Relocation of Paleopoles on Variable Radius Earth Models  463

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