Aether, the Great Watchmaker

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Scientific Paper
Title Aether, the Great Watchmaker
Author(s) Karim Amen Khaidarov
Keywords aether, ether, gravity, gravitation, Hook, Lagrange
Published 2005
Journal None


The concept and outcomes of author's research opening the actual gear of phenomena, dependent on speed of gravitation is stated. It is shown that the existing theories of gravitation, based on absolute vacuum, long-range action, primacy of relativity are artifacts. It is shown that the main problems of the theory of gravitation can decided within the framework of the aethereal approach of Hooke, Gauss, Gerber. The solution of problem of motion of perihelions of planets and stability of a planetary system is discovered. The full table of motion of perihelions of planets and theoretical values of steady eccentricities obtained by the author with the help of the aethereal approach are given.