Aether Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title Aether Cosmology
Author(s) Bob Ticer
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Published 2013
Journal None


Although the ?ther nowadays is generally regarded as scientifically invalid, the only consistent explanation for the constancy of light speed is according to it. Could it be the means of explaining the physical nature of our world just as well? Explanations are here given with regard to the nature of mass, light, energy, gravity and so forth. Gravity is explained as a push action in view of a ?tired light? theory with regard to an infinite universe that divides into observable parts. The push action results in a gravitational effect consistent with conservation of momentum, Newton's inverse-square-law, spacetime curvature of general relativity and the probability condition of quantum physics. How the continuous creation of gravitons does not result in them filling up more of space is also explained. There is further explanation with regard to how gravity is a particular aspect of ?The Electric Universe?. The underlying nature of electric charge is also explained.